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Who We Are

Godavari Technologies Pte Ltd is a renowned software development company, estalished in 2004. We have an active presence in Singapore and, more recently, India. We specialise in product development and support services that help companies get the best dollar-value for their investment into technology. Our strong expertise in this sector makes us trusted by some of the biggest names in the IT industry.

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  • Years of Experience
  • Responsible and Reliable Team
  • Remarkable Project Management
  • Incredible Talent Resources
  • Robust Maintenance and Support
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Our Services

Project Management Services

We manage projects through our technologically -savvy teams by co-ordinaitng resources to incorporate best practices, measure tasks, provide quality oversight and achieve the desired objectives within the set timelines.

Mobile & Web Application Development

We provide cross platform development services that cater for web, Andriod and iOS applications that are carefully tailored to suit our client's needs. Our specialised teams are able to optimise solutions for each platform.

Technology Consulting Services

With our strong expertise, we advise clients on the technology roadmap to be adopted for their projects by suggesing appropriate means for application developement and the necessary system infrastructure required.

Staffing and Talent Aquisition Services

We provide refined IT resources to supplement our client's needs by supporting the various stages of development from design to post implementation support. We help our clients save on human resource work and money spent.

Enterprise Level System Solutions

We design and develop enterprise level system soltuions that are caefully tailored to the business functions of the whole enterprise. We are strong in our seamless integration by interfacing our solutions to exisiting systems.

Data Management and Business Intelligence

We provide state of the art data analytics and management solutions using various BI tools. The data processing helps understand the customer better to maximise revenue and increase customer satisfaction through loyalty programmes or targetted advertising.

AI Chatbot and Natural Language Processing

We develop versatile chatbot solutions which integrate into systems easily. The chatbots allow our clients to handle queries and automate key functionality without the need for manpower. Our AI-powered chatbots refine themselves over time to create effective and sustainable solutions.

Training Services

We provide training services to enhance the skillsets of our clients' talent in various areas related to technology. Our training services range from DotNet, Java, Objective C/C++, NodeJS to Big Data, DBMS, Django. We understand that staff training is paramount for company growth.

MIS Solutions

Our MIS systems give our clients the ability to monitor and track the progress of their company such that they can make informed business decisions which could help increase sales or reduce costs. The MIS systems link up the various businesses to ensure co-ordination within the business .

Our Areas of Work

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions usually have complicated structures and require large amounts of data management. We have created Student Information Management solutions and transactional chatbots.


Banks make up our primary clientele. We actively provide talent acquistion services for our clients by sourcing for the right talent for the job. We have taken up some mainenance projects in this domain too.


Startups usually require lean solutions that are sustainable and cost-effective. We have actively supported various startups in their initial stages of development before they are able to have an in-house team.

SaaS Solutions

Software-as-a-Service Solutions required advanced and careful planning to allow systems to scale easily. We have expertise in building SaaS solutions.


There is a steep demand for client management solutions, mobile apps and more in this sector. Our team has developed clinic management solutions and healthcare related portals for drug enquiries.


We have undertaken projects in insurance claims and insurance reselling systems. One idea we have been expertimenting is the use of chatbots to sell insurance plans.

Human Resource

We support our clients by building add-ons for their exisiting HRMS solutions with the use of new interfaces and business analytics to value-add or plug gaps with the current system.

Maintenance Support

Support and maintenance of systems is of highest priority to ensure business continuity. Our maintenance is robust and reliable. We also offer the option of offshore support to cut costs.


Retail solutions such as inventory tracking solutions, implementation of sales kiosks and product inquiries through chatbots, are versatile solutions which have been developed by us.

Our Clients

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